Information for individuals

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Information on breast, cervical, colorectal, skin, and lung cancer screenings.

Family health history

Family health history is a record of the diseases and health conditions in your family. Collect your family health history.

Why it's important

It's important to know what diseases run in your family. If your family members have some chronic diseases, you may be more likely to develop the disease. Start collecting this family health information to share with your care provider. Your care provider can help you determine which screening tests you need and when.

Genetic counseling

Genetic counselors inform and advise individuals and families on their risk of inheriting certain diseases and the treatment options available.

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There are an estimated 258,000 cancer survivors living in Colorado today. Cancer care doesn't end when treatment ends. We encourage you to work with your oncology team and your primary care provider to develop an individualized survivorship care plan.

Cancer Treatment Plan

A complete record of your cancer treatment history.

Survivorship Care Plans

A complete record of your cancer history, treatments given, the need for future checkups and cancer tests, possible long-term effects of the treatment, and ideas for staying healthy.


Cancer not only impacts the patient, but also deeply impacts those who care for the patient.

The American Cancer Society Caregiver Resource Guide is a tool for people who are caring for someone with cancer. It can help you: learn how to care for yourself as a caregiver, better understand what your loved one is going through, develop skills for coping and caring, and take steps to help protect your health and well-being.