Cancer Program Evaluation

Colorado's Combined Cancer Evaluation Plan

This document is the comprehensive performance measurement and evaluation plan for CDPHE's breast, cervical and colorectal cancer programs. The plan spans two program timeframes (2017-2022 for breast and cervical cancer and 2020-2025 for colorectal cancer) and is updated annually.

Cancer Evaluation Stakeholder Workgroup

The Cancer Evaluation Stakeholder Workgroup (ESW) exists to provide a forum for information exchange and open discussion between CDPHE programs and external partners to help inform the scope and focus of cancer program evaluation so that findings may be utilized to improve cancer programs. If you would like to participate in the Cancer ESW, please contact Shannon Lawrence, CDPHE Cancer Evaluator.

Evaluation Findings

Women's Wellness Connection (WWC) Health Navigation and Clinical Services Interactive Reach Maps (updated with FY 2021-2022 data)

  • These interactive maps show the percent of eligible uninsured and insured women ages 21 to 39 and 40 to 64 served at clinics funded for WWC Health Navigation and Clinical Services.

Key Evaluation Findings for Cancer Prevention and Early Detection/ Women's Wellness Connection (WWC) Health Navigation and Clinical Services (HNCS) during Program Year 3

  • This slidedeck summarizes the implementation of the HNCS strategy between June 30, 2019 to June 29, 2020, including the reach of women served.
Partner Reports

Cancer Plan Progress
The Colorado Cancer Coalition Year in Review reports provide annual updates on the activities of the Coalition's Task Forces and progress related to the Colorado Cancer Plan.