The community outreach strategy

The Community Outreach (CO) strategy (formerly Targeted Community Outreach) is a community-level approach.
This strategy funds activities* to promote and improve prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancer among underserved Coloradans by providing:
  • Education to individuals in the communities within the service area about breast and cervical cancer prevention and early detection (including during cancer awareness months).
  • Direct assistance to women to access breast and cervical cancer screening services at a health system.
*These activities focus on priority populations and identified community subpopulations (see Glossary for definitions).

Program Manual Section 3: The Community Outreach Strategy

Calendar and deadlines

Start-up activities

Strategy start-up activities to be completed by organizations adding the Community Outreach strategy.


This flowchart is a visual description of the Community Outreach strategy.

Direct Assistance Goal Notification Template - Tribes

  • The Southern Ute and Ute Mountain Ute Tribes are annually sent a customized Direct Assistance Goal Notification form for the fiscal year. Please email for a copy of your organization's customized form.

Technical assistance webinars - The Community Outreach strategy specific

The Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program hosts quarterly technical assistance webinars to share important information about the program.
See the Grant Management resources page to find additional resources for organizations to use to manage and implement the Community Outreach strategy.