The Community Outreach (TCO) Strategy: Data collection and reporting

Aggregate data is reported through the CPED program's online progress report. The items below relate to the collection and reporting of individual-level participant data.
TCO Participant Worksheet

The TCO Participant Worksheet is optional but contains the data elements that must be reported in the TCO Data Portal. Printable versions:

Editable versions of these worksheets and an Excel data template are available by contacting Alice Choi at alice.choi@state.co.us.

The worksheet is optional but contains the elements that must be reported in the TCO Data Portal.

TCO Data Collection Notification
This written notification must be given to participants receiving direct assistance.
Authorization for Release of Information

This form may be used for clients that will obtain a screening service at a clinic other than the organization's clinic in order to obtain screening outcome data from the other clinic.

TCO Data Portal

Enter data into the TCO Data Portal for participants to whom your organization initiated contact for direct assistance to screening. Any data should be entered as soon as it is available for an individual participant and can be updated at your convenience by using the Save and Return Later function. To learn more about the new TCO Data Portal, see these FAQs and instructional resources.

TCO Technical Assistance for Data Collection and Reporting
Contact Alice Choi at alice.choi@state.co.us with any TCO data questions.