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Cancer programs at the state
Below, learn more about the cancer prevention and control programs at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program
Through this program we fund organizations to address cancer prevention and early detection at one or more levels of the socio-ecological framework based on the local population's needs.
Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Program
The cancer program works with statewide partners to prevent cancer, increase screening and improve the quality of life for cancer survivors. We implement the state cancer plan using proven strategies based on current data and resources from multiple sources.
Colorectal Cancer Control Program

The purpose of the Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) is to implement evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to increase and improve the quality of CRC screening and follow-up testing in primary clinics and health systems serving high-need populations.

Clinic Quality Improvement for Population Health
This initiative helps safety-net primary care health systems implement evidence-based interventions for cancer screening and chronic disease management. We engage with health systems to improve health outcomes for selected focus areas.
Colorado Central Cancer Registry
The registry collects data on diagnosed and treated cancer in Colorado from a hospitals, treatment centers, pathology laboratories and physician offices. We use this information to track cancer rates (incidence) and survival rates over time for each type of cancer.
Cancer, Cardiovascular and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Grants Program
The program funds programs for early detection and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease and chronic pulmonary disease in Colorado and helps implement the state's strategic plans regarding cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Women's Wellness Connection
Women’s Wellness Connection (WWC) provides breast and cervical cancer screening services free of charge to eligible women and can help on the path to treatment and a healthy lifestyle. Women’s Wellness Connection clinics also have health navigators that will help connect eligible women with services to help you get the cancer screening care you need to find and treat breast and cervical cancer early. Women’s Wellness Connection is also known as the Health Navigation and Clinical Services strategy within the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program.