Grant resources

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program resources to manage and implement the program.

Press Release Templates

The folder has press release templates for returning to preventive screening, breast cancer awareness month, cervical cancer awareness month and women’s health week. These templates are updated annually and the most recent versions can be found in the folder.

Return to Screening Resources

The Colorado Cancer Coalition has compiled resources that can be used to encourage clients to resume cancer screening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Komen Colorado

Links women and men with breast cancer needs to organizations and community partners to receive needed care and services living in Colorado.

2022 WWC Marketing Campaign Toolkit Documents

Improve the health of Colorado women who may qualify for the WWC program by encouraging them to get caught up on critical breast and cervical cancer screenings with the marketing materials in this toolkit folder. 

Health Navigator Workforce Development

Colorado Health Navigator Workforce Development Initiative aims to define competencies and standardize training for unlicensed health navigators as well as create a voluntary registry for employers to use when hiring. Follow this link to find out more about the health navigator competency assessment, CDPHE-recognized training programs for health navigators, the Colorado Health Navigator Registry and more!

Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV) One Pager

Learn about the general HPV vaccine information, HPV vaccine locators, and billing/coding/reimbursement links for healthcare providers within the Health Services Connection Branch networks.

Evidence-based interventions to increase screening

Clinic Quality Improvement (CQI) Portfolio: The collection of evidence-based interventions and best and promising practices, used to guide and support a health system in the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Colorado Cancer Coalition

The Colorado Cancer Coalition is the statewide network dedicated to improving Colorado lives touched by cancer. On the website you will find a Resource Directory and an Event Calendar with Colorado based cancer support groups and educational events. If you are looking to get more involved and network with others in cancer related fields, you can join a Task Force and/or attend quarterly meetings.

  • Cancer Resources Map - This virtual map highlights cancer screening, treatment, and support options available in the state of Colorado. 

Colorado Cancer Genetics Alliance

The Colorado Cancer Genetic Alliance is a partnership of genetic counselors, educators and public health professionals who offer genetic counseling services throughout the state. The Alliance's goal is to reduce the burden of cancer in Colorado by identifying those at higher risk for cancer due to inherited genetic factors. The Alliance provides:

  • Education on genetic cancers for providers and patients

  • Tools for screening patients

  • Options for genetic counseling, screening, testing and cancer screening/surveillance for patients

Advance Care Planning Tools for Providers

This website features tools to assist healthcare workers with advance care planning conversations from determining a Medical Durable Power of Attorney to difficult conversations on goals of care. This site contains short videos, conversation guides, COVID specific resources, shared decision making tools, and more.

The Community Guide: Cancer

The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide) is a collection of evidence-based findings of the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF). It is a resource to help you select interventions to improve health and prevent disease in your state, community, community organization, business, healthcare organization, or school.

Think cultural health

This website features information, continuing education opportunities, resources, and more for health and health care professionals to learn about culturally and linguistically appropriate services, or CLAS. Launched in 2004, Think Cultural Health is sponsored by the Office of Minority Health.

National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP)

The CDC funding source that focuses on implementing a program to provide breast and cervical cancer screening services to uninsured and underinsured women and implement key evidence-based strategies to reduce structural barriers to screening within health systems. The Women's Wellness Connection is responsible for implementing NBCCEDP in Colorado.

Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP)

The CDC funding source that focuses on implementing organized approaches to increase colorectal cancer screening. The CDPHE Cancer Unit is responsible for implementing CRCCP in Colorado.

Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPAA) rules

Learn about your organization's responsibilities regarding health information privacy.

Other Screening Resources