Invoices and fiscal management

  • Each organization was sent a customized invoice form for the budget period. Please email cdphe_cancer@state.co.us for a copy of your organization’s customized invoice form.
  • Instructions for Completing Your Organizations’ Monthly WWC/CPED Invoice Guidance 
    • The Invoice Guidance document includes recommendations and best practices for filling out invoices for the Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program.
    • Instrucciones para completar la factura mensual del programa de Prevención y detección temprana del cáncer (CPED, por su sigla en inglés) de su organización.
  • CDPHE invoice documentation checklist
    • CDPHE developed this checklist to help organizations document relevant expenditures and avoid potential financial compliance findings as they manage their grant funds. This checklist is a useful tool in identifying the types of documentation needed, but does not include all possible documentation.
  • PSD Compliance Unit Frequent Audit Findings
    • This document provides information to prevent frequent compliance findings and management comments
Budget Guidance

The budget must be accurate and explain all expenses included. CDPHE reserves the right to deny requests deemed unnecessary for the implementation of the project.
Email your CPED Organization Lead to request a budget revision or a budget revision form.

Documents specific to Health Navigation and Clinical Services strategies reimbursement and fiscal management


Email cdphe_cancer@state.co.us with questions.